Excellence Punta Cana Nightlife

It’s the smart move.   Sit closer to the bar and away from the karaoke.  You must avoid the nightlife at Excellence Punta Cana or pay the price.

A foray into the after-dark scene will make you smile too much, laugh more often, and wiggle parts of your body you didn’t know could move.   But, guess what?

It’s so worth it.

I noticed the ladies love the karaoke and some of the amateur performers are surprisingly good.  Some of the impromptu entertainment is deliriously funny (some people need to hope a video doesn’t pop up online…..just sayin’).

Once the sun goes down you may see a Circus show, dance to Motown hits, or catch an international dance show.   The Disco is popular, but rivaled by the Martini Bar that is raved about by guests.

The action in the Casino can be fast and exciting.   The drinks are never empty, the slot machines tinkle, and there is always a crowd of hopefuls at the Black Jack, Poker, and Roulette tables.

The casino is open until 3:00 a.m. with free admission and bar service for guests.

Not a gambler?  No worries.  The bars at Excellence Punta Cana are open until the wee hours and you can sample a variety of live music.   From frantic to eye-of-the-hurricane there is a perfect pace for all visitors.

Here’s a quick tip: Don’t volunteer to participate onstage in a show unless you are very brave and immune to laughter.   Some of the routines may be a tad too titillating for more conservative guests.

It’s all meant in fun but it may not be your favorite flavor.

Not into the party scene? One of the best spots to enjoy some of the music at night is your balcony or terrace.   Imagine a day of horseback riding, swimming, or tennis followed by dining and dancing.   You can make that a party of two in a balcony Jacuzzi with the distant tropical music providing a romantic soundtrack.

There a little something something for everyone to make the fun stretch way into the wee hours.