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» The Beach at Excellence Punta Cana Will Make You Wonder Why You Got a Room

The beach at Excellence Punta Cana

The half-moon beach at Excellence Punta Cana will make you wonder why you got a room at the resort. Okay, maybe not really, but your toes will definitely sing you love songs. The beach and sand here on the Bavaro shore is world-famous for its cleanliness, lack of shells or rocks, and it’s softness. Seriously, it’s [» Read More…]

» The Beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun

The beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun

The beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun lives up to its hype.   There is a terrific vibe by the water, and there are simply too many ways to relax on this broad, chalk-white sand beach. Which makes it dangerously easy to forget about the rest of the resort, because their epic hospitality and attentiveness extend to [» Read More…]

» The Beach at The Beloved is a Sandy Recovery Room

The Beloved beach

Exhausted from herding the kiddies? There’s a reason why parents say the beach at The Beloved is a sandy recovery room. Many parents flock to the beach after sorting out their kids.   Professional babysitting services are available for the youngest.  Kids Club is incredibly popular with the age 4-12 crowd. And the teens will just [» Read More…]

» The Nightlife at The Beloved Surprises and Delights

Beloved Hotel nightlife

Are you a party animal with kids?   The nightlife at The Beloved surprises and delights families. This is not the party capitol of the Caribbean for sure.  It gets pretty quiet fairly early but there are some surprises. There is nightly entertainment for kids of all ages.  The variety includes shows, deejays, and movies.  The adults are [» Read More…]

» Nightlife at Excellence Riviera Cancun is a Smorgasbord of Fun

Live music at Excellence Riviera Cancun

The adults-only scene promises a lively nightlife at Excellence Riviera Cancun.   The action starts after the sun sets on another fun-filled day of sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or hanging out at the beach or pools. Then the lights come up on live entertainment. Guests can choose from the eclectic lobby bar, the tempting theater bar or [» Read More…]

» Win the Hunger Games at Excellence Playa Mujeres

Dining at Excellence Resorts

Anyone can win the hunger games at Excellence Playa Mujeres. All gourmet and all included is the standard at all 9 international restaurants.  There are no reservations required.   The only wait you will have is one worth every minute. You can set you taste buds on fire or bring it down a notch with [» Read More…]

» Plan One Special Day with Family Away from The Beloved


Tell me why? Why would anyone spend extra bucks after booking an all-inclusive resort vacation for the entire family?  Why should you plan one special day with your family away from The Beloved?  One reason.  One word. Xcaret! Whoo ha! (Okay, that’s three words, but you get the drift.) Creative minds have perfected a blend [» Read More…]

» Embrace the Nightlife at Excellence Playa Mujeres

Cancun Nightlife

Reach out with both arms and embrace the nightlife at Excellence Playa Mujeres. There is Salsa Dancing to work off the Sushi or pasta.  Spicy Mexican bands to go with a south of the border supper.  There is disco after a delightful seafood meal. Important tip: There are no reservations at any of the restaurants, but [» Read More…]

» Avoid the Nightlife at Excellence Punta Cana

Excellence Punta Cana Nightlife

It’s the smart move.   Sit closer to the bar and away from the karaoke.  You must avoid the nightlife at Excellence Punta Cana or pay the price. A foray into the after-dark scene will make you smile too much, laugh more often, and wiggle parts of your body you didn’t know could move.   But, guess [» Read More…]

» Activities at Excellence Riviera Cancun Pack a Huge Fun Factor

Horseback Riding at Excellence Riviera Cancun

There’s SO much to do at Excellence Riviera Cancun that you simply can’t NOT find something truly fun. It’s inconceivable.  Spend some time enjoying the familiar or be brave and try something new.  Your mind, spirit and body are in the perfect place to be rejuvenated and recharged. Guests who don’t want to miss a [» Read More…]