Cancun Nightlife

Reach out with both arms and embrace the nightlife at Excellence Playa Mujeres.

There is Salsa Dancing to work off the Sushi or pasta.  Spicy Mexican bands to go with a south of the border supper.  There is disco after a delightful seafood meal.

Important tip: There are no reservations at any of the restaurants, but there can be a lengthy waiting time due to the popularity of the menus.   You should take this into account when you plan our nightlife outings.

Are you the type to just hang at the resort and enjoy the included entertainment? Then I totally recommend the live bands in the courtyard.  The fun is contagious and energy runs high.  Specialty drinks and laughter run hand in hand so be prepared for some overflowing spirits on the dance floor.

The Disco sometimes has plenty of room to show off your dance steps and sometimes it’s really crowded.  It really just depends on the party people, deejay, or live band.  I will warn you right now that it’s nearly impossible to get the song “The Hustle” out of your head.

Want to slow it down?  You can relax and enjoy excellent piano music where you can share a drink and conversation with new friends.   Want to step up the party?  Check out the bonfire fun and dancing on the beach.

BUT don’t forget – Cancun is a party town!  It’s not free if you leave your all-inclusive resort behind for the night, but it can be totally worth it if you’re into some serious revelry! Lots of famous entertainers work the Mexican Riviera to soak up the sun and get paid for after-dark fun.  And nowadays it’s easier than ever to explore the off-resort Cancun nightlife.

Now there are companies that specialize in transporting resort guests to and from downtown venues.   Get a recommendation from the front desk and leave the details to the party pros.   Sure, you pay a fee but it can include a lot, including getting you into places with immediate entry, no cover charges, a VIP table, bottle service and other perks. You’ll feel like a celebrity!

You will be picked up and taken to one club after another.  Your own designated driver, with no waiting in line, or riding a bus.

The choices are amazing.   Rock, jazz, pop, dance, and fusion are specialties at different venues.   It’s possible to hit 6-8 clubs in a night.   Unlike Cinderella your coach will NOT turn into a pumpkin and you WILL return home with your glass slippers and Prince Charming intact.   Safe and sound.

Bottom line? When you embrace the nightlife at Excellence Playa Mujeres you will come away with lifetime memories.