Excellence Playa Mujeres Beach

Do you picture an ocean that is a beautiful shade of blue?   Have you fantasized about soft white sand?  Perfect!   That means the beach at Excellence Playa Mujeres is everything you dreamed about.

These 2 miles of warm sand is a marvel.

I am content to curl up with my partner and watch the beach volleyball or spontaneous football games.  I never waited more than a few minutes for a fresh tropical drink.  Everything from snacks to cool towels is brought to me by a smiling, friendly beach attendant.

If I want more variety I stop by one of the 9 restaurants for a bite to eat.  There are no reservations required so I just pick the shortest line, grab a few delicacies, and head back to the shore.

I have almost mastered a paddle board while my partner is zipping around in a fast little sailboat. Both of us enjoy kayaking .

On my last trip to Excellence Play Mujeres I pushed my boundaries and tried my hand at windsurfing…..I definitely recommend windsurfing for any age.  It can be fast, fun, and exhilarating.   I am not a jock but I was on my own within an hour.

I spent my mornings playing, but my afternoons are for intimacy, rest, reading, and quiet conversation.  Alabaster sand and blue water breezes can make you feel like you’re in the a scene from a romance novel, or like you’re the last two people on Earth.

Beach Dinner at Excellence Playa MujeresHere’s a tip…..even though it may not be your honeymoon or anniversary I recommend a torch-lit supper on the sand for two.   Make this reservation ahead of your trip, because they only do a limited number of these (otherwise the beach would be full and it wouldn’t be the intimate romantic experience you expect).

This supper under the stars is exquisite, the wine perfect, and you and your partner will never forget this moment.  There are few world-class romantic moments in a lifetime, but you can’t just sit around waiting for them to happen!

This is one remembrance that lasts forever.

The beach is also a favorite spot for wedding and anniversary celebrations.  Check out three separate wedding packages or special treatment for honeymooners and anniversary parties.

There are some fees but the tropical romance is free.

When the water hits the beach at Excellence Playa Mujeres it will wash away your footprints but not your memories.