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» The Rooms at Excellence Punta Cana

It doesn’t matter if you book a view of the ocean, garden, pool, or mountains…..the rooms at the Excellence Punta Cana should come with a warning. The rooms are SO decked out with tons of cool amenities that you may not want to leave. When you arrive at this all-adult and all-suite fantasy land on [» Read More…]

» Weddings, Vow Renewals, and Anniversaries at Excellence Punta Cana

Is it time to say “I do”, “I’d do it again”, or “I’m glad we did it”? Weddings, vow renewals, and anniversaries at Excellence Punta Cana are amazing. This rambling, adults-only resort sits on the beautiful Bavaro shore of the Dominican Republic.   Picture miles of clean, super-soft, white sand beach cluttered with swaying green palm [» Read More…]

» The Beach at Excellence Punta Cana Will Make You Wonder Why You Got a Room

The half-moon beach at Excellence Punta Cana will make you wonder why you got a room at the resort. Okay, maybe not really, but your toes will definitely sing you love songs. The beach and sand here on the Bavaro shore is world-famous for its cleanliness, lack of shells or rocks, and it’s softness. Seriously, it’s [» Read More…]

» Avoid the Nightlife at Excellence Punta Cana

It’s the smart move.   Sit closer to the bar and away from the karaoke.  You must avoid the nightlife at Excellence Punta Cana or pay the price. A foray into the after-dark scene will make you smile too much, laugh more often, and wiggle parts of your body you didn’t know could move.   But, guess [» Read More…]