The Beloved Junior Suite

It’s true!

The rooms at The Beloved will knock your socks off.  Where else have guests described their shower stalls as “super sexy“?

Not at my house, not even when I’ve just cleaned the shower.

Standard rooms are about 800 square feet, which is more than adequate…unless you absolutely need more bunking space you should save those extra bucks for an excursion or some souvenirs.

Here’s some insider info to help you choose the right room:

  • If you crave a bit if privacy, then upgrade to one of the gorgeous 2-story Casitas and you’ll be able to enjoy your own private plunge pool.
  • What’s most important to you – more space or a great view? Some of the balconies on lower floors are bigger than the ones above, which means more room to sunbathe, drink, do breakfast, whatever.   If you’re not the type to spend much time in your room (or on your balcony), then go for a higher floor if you want a killer view.
  • Outgoing personalities love the swim-up suites….they’re not as private as other rooms, but where else can you breaststroke to the party and back again?
  • Swim-up rooms or upper floors with balconies may not be ideal depending on the age of your children.  Choose what’s best for your family.
  • And while a view of the pool is great, keep in mind that during pool hours there will be lots of people splashing around and being noisy.
  • For some people, a little noise from people having fun is like music to their ears……if that’s you, ask for a room in Building 2 or 3.
  • Do you want to be close to the action but with less kid-noise and splashing? Building 1 is situated above one of the restaurants and close to the lounge.
  • The Casita Suites are mega-popular…..Tierna Casita is right by the Isla Grill and the pool, which means lots of cocktails and tasty treats are just a few steps away!
  • The 2-story beach front Casita Suite with the plunge pool in the Hermosa building has views of both the pool and the beach.

Other things we love about The Beloved:

The nightly turn down service (and not just for those little bed-chocolates), because it comes with a fresh schedule of events for the next day and a weather report.  Pretty darn handy!

Even though it’s a family resort, adults can definitely get some grown-ups-only time. While the kiddies spend supervised time in the zen garden, their own pool, doing crafts, or checking out the popsicle cart, Mom and Dad can have some unsupervised time at the sushi lounge, spa, or playing in the ocean.  Yes, I’m winking!

The best thing about a smaller property like The Beloved is that the immaculate beach and three pools are never more than a few steps from your room… endless walking like at some of those mega-resorts.

Working up an appetite playing in the sun is no problem……there are 3 all-inclusive restaurants that are family-friendly.  I highly recommend the El Mar Pizzeria.   Kid-pleasing pizza, sandwiches, paninis, tostadas and more are served right from a grill or wood oven.

Just before they open the door … remember …

… hang on to your socks.