Beach Wedding at Excellence Resorts

Is it time to say “I do”, “I’d do it again”, or “I’m glad we did it”?

Weddings, vow renewals, and anniversaries at Excellence Punta Cana are amazing.

This rambling, adults-only resort sits on the beautiful Bavaro shore of the Dominican Republic.   Picture miles of clean, super-soft, white sand beach cluttered with swaying green palm trees and a crystal-clear-blue ocean.   It’s your fantasy setting (well, it’s mine anyway!).

Weddings, Vow Renewal ceremonies, and Anniversary celebrations are handled expertly and elegantly by an expertly trained staff — they do hundreds of weddings every year, so rest assured no detail will be overlooked!

Upon arrival the party planners will finalize all your details.

Here’s what you must know before you jump on a jet.

  • No deposit is required for your wedding.   Just book your room and complete a simple wedding reservation form in advance.
  • Book at least six months in advance so you can get the exact date/time that you’re heart is set on….if you wait until you get there you may wind up getting married at sunrise instead of sunset, and boy will your guests be cranky!
  • Your ceremony will be legal when conducted by a Judge in the Dominican Republic.  Your marriage certificate will get a Hague Convention official seal and a legal stamp (that makes you legal in other countries).
  • Must know Tip!   You must arrive at least three business days prior to your wedding date. This is to conform to residency rules for a legal union.  That means both the bride and groom must be at the Excellence Punta Cana by 3:00 pm or sooner to count arrival day as your first day. And it’s a loooong flight to the Dominican Republic, so we strongly recommend being there four business days in advance to be on the safe side.

    Let me be clear.   Saturday and Sunday are NOT business days.

  • You do not have to pay in advance.  You can pay when you arrive or after a meeting with your personal wedding coordinator.
  • You also select your ceremony location.   A decorated gazebo overlooking the ocean, a colorful garden setting, or straight to the beach in a horse drawn carriage are offered (Horses! I know, right!).  You can check out online pictures before you choose.

At the resort there are 3 deluxe wedding packages with costs ranging from $800 to $2,500 hundred dollars. Be sure to check the differences carefully.   Do you need a special silver wedding dinner for 20 people?  Do you want 24 5×7 color photos?

If you have that covered, can have a friend video, and take a pass on a musical trio then you may consider a less expensive package.

The resort wedding planner will help you prepare a storybook event in a fairytale setting at the Excellence Punta Cana.

Your “happy ending” starts with a beautiful beginning in an idyllic location, with a ceremony that will leave you blessed not stressed. Sigh. It’s enough to make me want to get married again. And again….(and now, for my fourth wedding, let’s do the rooftop gazebo with the peacock feathers, and…).