Live music at Excellence Riviera Cancun

The adults-only scene promises a lively nightlife at Excellence Riviera Cancun.  

The action starts after the sun sets on another fun-filled day of sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or hanging out at the beach or pools.

Then the lights come up on live entertainment.

Guests can choose from the eclectic lobby bar, the tempting theater bar or raise your pulse at the disco until today becomes tomorrow.   Live bands rev up the crowd with their courtyard concerts.

It’s a great spot to make new friends and enjoy a party under the stars.

Excellence Riviera Cancun hits the mark with everything from a rocking Madonna homage show to fire dancers.   Brace yourself for a Michael Jackson tribute that will have you moon-walking back to your room.

Guests seem to always compliment the assortment of entertainment.  Some vacationers love the magical harp music with breakfast.  Others tap their toes to steel band music with lunch. I especially love the happy-hour courtyard music that gets me showing off my best dance moves!

For those looking for some serious revelry, many travelers take the party downtown.

Cancun has no shortage of after-dark fun.   Check out Daddy Rock where you and your friends party to classic rock songs and the latest from the rock charts.   Unleash your meringue and salsa moves at Azucar.   You can chill it at Roots which books some of the best jazz musicians on planet.

Check with the front desk to learn about VIP Club Hopping in Cancun.   Outfits like After Dark Events and Entertainment, Party Rockers Cancun, or Cuncrawl specialize in transporting resort guests to town and back.

Why go with a pro? Professional party guides cut through the red tape….you’ll practically orb from one venue to next.   You will zip right past those who are waiting for buses or waiting in long lines.  You can spot them … they’re not smiling.

When you use a professional party guide, their services can include no cover charges, VIP seating, and unlimited open bar.

The top vendors want your business, will look after your security, and safely return you to the resort.   Excellence Riviera Cancun staff will point you in the right direction.  It’s the smart move.

Remember that their recommendations are part of their reputation.

Here’s a tip: Before you leave the resort to play all night downtown, book a Miile Spa visit for the next day.  I totally recommend you indulge yourself with a treatment that will be rejuvenating and leave you glowing.  The ideal remedy after a night on the town. Yes, it costs a little extra but the worth more than the price tag.

The bottom line?  You can choose a laid back, relaxed, entertainment pace or go mad, wild, and a bit crazy.  It’s your vacation.

You’ll find a lot of choices from the comfortable to the “I’ll try anything once” at Excellence Riviera Cancun.