The beach at Excellence Punta Cana

The half-moon beach at Excellence Punta Cana will make you wonder why you got a room at the resort. Okay, maybe not really, but your toes will definitely sing you love songs.

The beach and sand here on the Bavaro shore is world-famous for its cleanliness, lack of shells or rocks, and it’s softness. Seriously, it’s like someone took normal sand and pulverized it into powder. This is barefoot territory for miles.

The sand is a light shade of tan and super-soft, the water is a gorgeous blue and the ocean breezes are warm and fragrant.   It’s no wonder that the beach here is noted for wedding ceremonies, water sports, and relaxing.

You don’t have to be celebrating a special occasion to create one.   I strongly recommend a private supper for two on the beach.

Picture this: an intimate table with two comfortable chairs draped in expensive linen and punctuated with rich sashes.   A waiter in a tuxedo appears with silver serving dishes.   A premium bottle of red and white wine are opened to accompany your lobster tail and perfectly prepared steak.

Beach Dinner at Excellence Playa MujeresThe scene is lit by the stars, a candle on your table, and torchlight that reflects on the water.   Dessert is served.   When you are sated you are allowed to remain near the orchestra of waves until you wish to leave. No one will make you feel rushed….it’s your night!

Important tip!  You should book this one-of-kind night with the resort in advance of your arrival, as they only allow a limited number of these beach dinners.

The beach is huge, but not crowded. It’s possible to find parts of paradise that are nearly empty except for you and yours, and for me a day at the beach means curling up with my other half on a beach bed.  It’s easy to get spoiled by the over-the-top romance of the setting.  Just go with it!

The best part? The staff is very friendly and responsive. Your whim is their command.   Honestly, they will bring snacks and fancy concoctions to your beach camp. If you want an umbrella, a cool towel, sunblock, a board game, or any other item … just ask!

However, if there’s fun to be had, the staff has a very fun way to encourage guests to participate…..full of mischief in other words.

When I’m not napping on the beach, I enjoy tooling around on the ocean.  Windsurfing and sailing are now my two favorite vacation activities.   I learned (and have nearly mastered) both activities at the Excellence Punta Cana (note to self: must get back to practice some more).

What’s great is that you can be as busy – or not – as you like.   I was fascinated by a wedding party that was all smiles after exchanging vows by the water.   The photo shoot went on for over an hour and I even snapped a picture when they all did the familiar ‘leap into the air’.

Between the action, relaxation, the food and the drinks it is really understandable that sometimes I forget why I even got a suite at the Excellence Punta Cana.