The beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun

The beach at Excellence Riviera Cancun lives up to its hype.   There is a terrific vibe by the water, and there are simply too many ways to relax on this broad, chalk-white sand beach.

Which makes it dangerously easy to forget about the rest of the resort, because their epic hospitality and attentiveness extend to the shoreline.   Hunger and thirst are cured by a friendly staff who will deliver everything from tropical umbrella drinks and snacks to sunscreen right to your beach chair.

Over 3 football fields of warm white sand along the crystal clear Caribbean make this beach a magnet for adults-only fun.   There is plenty of action for the adventurous.

You can play as a couple or hook up with others for a friendly game of football or volleyball in the sand.  Windsurfing is a heady way to enjoy the blue water.  No worries for first-timers because the staff will get you up and going in no time (it only took me an hour to feel totally competent at it!).

Definitely try the sailing.  This is an absolute blast and can make you giddy as a kid.  It is super-easy to master the small craft and be skimming over the ocean like the breeze.

Kayaking on the Caribbean is easy and comes with awesome views of the ocean and the resort.  I always see lots of people taking digital pictures of each other and the resort from kayaks. Some kayakers combine their outing with snorkeling – it lets them paddle out a bit further and see more.

Here’s a tip about fun on the water.   Even though you’ll pay a few extra bucks, it’s worth it to jump on the introductory Scuba lessons.   Experienced divers will want to check into deep-water shipwreck dives…..and be sure to ask about the nighttime shallow water dive tours too – that was super-fun.

One of the best days at Excellence Riviera Cancun was spent deep sea sport fishing.   The women in our group booked a private afternoon on the water pulling in grouper, snapper, and even a barracuda (they gave the barracuda back to the sea after taking pictures).

There is a magnificent reef just off shore, all part of a vibrant ecosystem.   There is also seaweed that rolls in but is removed daily with tractors and rakes.  The huge beach and water is expertly cleaned and maintained. In fact a common comment among guests is how immaculate the beach and the entire resort is kept.

I have to admit that prying me away from the beach is one of the hardest things anyone can do.  Playing all day and cuddling with someone special makes it too darn easy to stick around for the sun to drown in the ocean.

But when the stars come out the only thing that lures me away is the thought of my private Jacuzzi and great restaurants.

Everything you would expect from an adults-only resort and more.