The Beloved beach

Exhausted from herding the kiddies?

There’s a reason why parents say the beach at The Beloved is a sandy recovery room.

Many parents flock to the beach after sorting out their kids.   Professional babysitting services are available for the youngest.  Kids Club is incredibly popular with the age 4-12 crowd. And the teens will just disappear.   You knew that, right?

A couple of tips: First, babysitting services have to be arranged 24 hours in advance. Second, Kids Club opens at 9am and closes at 4pm Monday through Saturday.

Like Mary Poppins that is practically perfect.

Rouse the family and kick off the day with a hearty buffet breakfast.  Meet the babysitter.  Drop the young ones off at Kids Club.

Then hit the beach with your spouse.

The blue water sparkles, the waves provide the music, and the warm Caribbean sun seeps into your body.   Tropical drinks and relaxing on an oversized lounger with your loved one is a tonic.

You soon replace ‘Mom and Dad’ with a romance-infused couple you haven’t seen for awhile. Like since BK (before kids). And that feels amazing.

Couples of all ages laughing out loud, holding hands, sailing and kayaking together, not knowing if they are young again or just young at heart.   The transformation is more than most could hope for.

There’s plenty of time to relax and recover at the beach.   Many couples describe it as therapy for the mind, body and spirit.   The perfect way to feel before your 4:00 pm family reunion.

Collect the kids and brace yourself for a lively supper at one of the three terrific restaurants.

The baby probably won’t have much to say.   But the kids will chatter about baking cookies, making piñatas or masks, and provide a blow by blow description of the water balloon games.   The teens are usually pumped enough to talk about windsurfing or bike riding.

You just smile.

It will be another late night and busy morning.   I don’t mind.  The beach will be ready for me.  The older kids stop by and hang out some days.   They have challenged me to snorkeling and paddle boards.

I accepted.  Yep, I’m the cool Mom now.

My advice is don’t try to do it all but enjoy all that you do.   The memories made here are everlasting.   The children will have shared memories forever.   It will come up at reunions and holidays through the years.

You make that happen when you choose The Beloved for your family destination.  Make it count!